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2016 Mid Season Update

With a 27-14 win over the Chico Mighty Oaks this past Saturday in San Francisco, B.A. Baracus have wrapped up the first half of the 2016 regular season.  B.A. Baracus currently sits on top of the Northern California Men’s D2 South Division with a record of 4-1. See our League Standings page, or the Northern California Rugby Football Union’s website, for more info.

We look forward to continued success against a tough string of opponents in the second half of the year. See our calendar for more details.

We are constantly accepting new players. Training takes place Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7-9 at Youngblood Coleman in San Francisco. Players of all skill levels are welcome at all events. Reach out here if you have any questions or just want to join our mailing list.

Remaining 2016 Schedule

2/27/2016 1pm Sac Capitols HOME
3/5/2016 Bye
3/12/2016 1pm Berkeley HOME
3/19/2016 1pm @ Vacaville
3/26/2016 Bye,
4/2/2016 1pm @ Olympic Club 2
4/9/2016 1pm @ Life West 2
4/16/2016 1pm Semi-Final
4/23/2016 3pm Final

Pre-season 2016

You’d think visiting our website that our club has died. Well, kinda — last night still hurts. But the club is going from strength to strength with a solid 2015 season behind us.

What we see now is that the young boys of five years ago are now solidly running the club and team, a huge achievement as the original generation of Baracus has completely retired so which will ensure we go for another decade of good rugby and unforgettable life experiences.

Pre season started in the third week of October 2015 after a fun off-season of thrice weekly touch football (San Francisco Marina Green Tuesday/Thursday and Ocean beach Saturday) as well as rugby 7’s.

This weekend we are participating in the annual Chico tournament which is our first taste of the new season and a chance for new nick names to be christened on the rookies due to outlandish behavior.

Our season has now been announced. You can check the Baracus google calendar which has all the latest match info here:

Below is the scheduled as of today.

1/16/2016 1pm @ Berkeley
1/23/2016 1pm Olympic Club 2 HOME
1/30/2016 1pm Life West 2 HOME

2/6/2016 Bye,Bye,Bye,

2/13/2016 1pm @ Diablo
2/20/2016 1pm Chico HOME
2/27/2016 1pm Sac Capitols HOME

3/5/2016 Bye,Las Vegas-LVI ,Bye,

3/12/2016 1pm Berkeley HOME
3/19/2016 1pm @ Vacaville

3/26/2016 Bye,Easter Weekend,Bye,

4/2/2016 1pm @ Olympic Club 2
4/9/2016 1pm @ Life West 2

4/16/2016 1pm Semi-Final
4/23/2016 3pm Final


We are always looking for new talent — so turn up to a game or at training which is every Tuesday and Thursday 7-pm at Youngblood Coleman Playground. You can also contact our recruiting lead or join our 400+ person mailing list to get a taste of our culture.



Pre-Season Training Is Happening Now!

Right now is the perfect time to join BA Baracus RFC. The club is training on Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:00-9:00 at Youngblood Coleman Fields in scenic Hunter’s Point.
Youngblood Coleman is easily accessible via the Muni T train or 19 bus. Or you could drive, but don’t leave anything valuable in your car.

Summer 7s is ON!!

Get to training on Marina Green every Tuesday and Thursday.

Tentative tourney schedule:

05/17 – Scottsdale, AZ –
Update: This was too soon after 15s for us.

06/07 – Las Vegas –

06/14 – Marin –
06/14 – San Francisco (Treasure Island) – ???
06/14 – Tempe, AZ –

Update: Marin says they’re full, we are 1st on waitlist, they may expand mens bracket. SFGG mini tourney is open if we want. I think Tempe is too far too soon. Must decide on SFGG ASAP.

06/28 – Palo Alto –
06/28 – Golden Gate –
Update: Consensus seemed to be SFGG over PA, but this weekend is the Baracus Annual tube trip, so it may be difficult to field even a single team.

07/12 – Palo Alto –
07/12 – Golden Gate –
07/12 – Santa Barbara –
Update: If we decide to to SFGG or PA, then we should stick with it and get our moneys worth. If not, let’s go to Santa Barbara!

07/26 – Palo Alto –
07/26 – Golden Gate –
Update: The last weekend of both of these multi-weekend tournaments.

08/02 – San Diego –
Update: Website is being updated from last years tournament. This is the date, the other info from last year should all be the same. I hope we do this

09/07 – San Luis Obispo –
Update: We should be able to field two our the sides for this great end of season tournament.

Maggotsfest 2014!

In pure BA fashion, fun was thoroughly had!

BA Team pic

BA Team pic

Baracus (3) 29 – 27 Sacramento Capitols (4)

Way to end the season on a high a Kezar stadium, B.A.!

Secured 3rd rank in the final standings:


2014 Standings

Chico 34 – 36 Baracus

Epic comeback win for B.A. in Chico!

AND a great win for Killer B’s!

Get ready for the season finale @ Kezar Stadium!!

Baracus 11 – 13 Marins REDS

Final score of A side match: Baracus 11 – 13 Marin
But the Killer Bees rocked it with a final score of 37-7, including a hat trick from Zeb’s brother, Zach.

Baracus 13 – 43 Blackhawks

Tough loss for B.A. against the Sacramento Blackhawks

Way of the Warthogs


Fellow Ruggers,

Way of the Warthogs is a documentary about the the Oakland Warthog Youth Rugby Program. But it’s more than just rugby, the documentary follows the lives of the players on and off the pitch and how the program has been a positive influence in their lives while growing up in inner city Oakland. Here’s the official trailer.

Let’s support youth rugby and community initiatives. Please take a moment and like their Facebook page.

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